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Prespes Agreement ratified by the Greek parliament Prespes Agreement ratified by the Greek parliament  (ANSA)

Greek parliament endorses Macedonia treaty

Greece’s Parliament Friday ratifies a controversial tension-reducing agreement with neighbouring Macedonia.

By John Carr

The agreement, known as the Prespa Agreement after the northern Greek lake where it was signed last summer, passed by a narrow margin of three votes in the 300-seat chamber. It capped two and a half days of bitter debate, during which opponents of the treaty demonstrated outside the Parliament building and clashed with police.

The endorsement allows Macedonia, its name now changed to North Macedonia, to knock on the door of the EU and Nato.

But at least six out of ten Greeks are against the deal. Some deputies of the ruling Syriza party have received threats, and the homes of at least three have been firebombed. Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras faces an uphill battle to get the Prespa Agreement accepted by patriotic Greeks who adamantly insist that Macedonia is not a name to give away to any Slavic country, as they fear possible future aggression.

25 January 2019, 17:12