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Cardinal Parolin: Europe cannot accept continued war of aggression in Ukraine

Cardinal Secretary of State Pietro Parolin calls for the Council of Europe to take action and establish “a definitive and just peace in Ukraine”.

By Devin Watkins

Heads of state and government from across Europe gathered at the 4th Summit of the Council of Europe, a two-day meeting in Reykjavík, Iceland.

Cardinal Secretary of State Pietro Parolin represented the Holy See at the Summit, since the Holy See enjoys observer status at the Council of Europe, an international organization that seeks to uphold human rights and the rule of law in Europe.

Peace project on the ropes

Speaking at the meeting on Wednesday, Cardinal Parolin offered Pope Francis’ greetings to the heads of state attending.

He noted that the official Declaration for the Summit describes the Council of Europe as “a peace project”.

However, he pointed out, citing the words of Pope Francis, the war in Ukraine shows that the “passionate quest of a politics of community and the strengthening of multilateral relations seems a wistful memory from a distant past.”

The Vatican’s Secretary of State therefore urged the European leaders to ask themselves: “Thinking not least of war-torn Ukraine, where are creative efforts for peace?”

Definitive and just peace in Ukraine

Continuing in the same vein, Cardinal Parolin said Europe must not forget the Ukrainian people who suffer and die.

“We cannot accept passively that the war of aggression in that tormented country continues,” he said.

Cardinal Secretary of State Parolin concluded his brief address to the Council of Europe Summit with an assurance that the Holy See will do its utmost to pursue peace across Europe and the world.

“This is the time to take action and establish a definitive and just peace in Ukraine, and in all the other so-called ‘grey’ areas of Europe,” he said.

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17 May 2023, 17:49