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Council of Cardinals meets to discuss local enthusiasm for Synod

The Council of Cardinal advisors wraps up a three-day meeting in the Vatican, examining the progress of the Synod of Bishops and the ongoing health crisis due to the pandemic.

By Vatican News staff reporter

The Holy See Press Office announced on Thursday that the Council of Cardinals met on 13-15 December at the Casa Santa Marta.

Those present included Cardinals Pietro Parolin, Giuseppe Bertello, Oscar Rodriquez Maradiaga, Reinhard Marx, Seán O’Malley, Oswald Gracias, and Frido Ambongo Besungu.

The Secretary of the Council, Bishop Marco Mellino, was also present for the meeting.

A Press Office statement said each Cardinal presented the “current political and health situation and the progress of the pandemic” of their home region.

“Cardinal Grech illustrated the progress of the work of the Synod, taking stock of the journey so far and highlighting the enthusiasm found in the Episcopal Conferences and among the laity,” read the statement.

Pope Francis took part in the proceedings on Tuesday and on Wednesday afternoon, and contributed by “offering his own reading of the themes presented.”

The next meeting of the Council of Cardinals is scheduled for February 2022.

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16 December 2021, 09:59