Cardinal Parolin links up with the staff at the Bambino Gesù Children's Hospital Cardinal Parolin links up with the staff at the Bambino Gesù Children's Hospital 

Cardinal Parolin brings Pope’s Christmas embrace to Vatican Children's Hospital

The Vatican Secretary of State brings the Pope’s Christmas greetings and words of encouragement for the year to come to staff and patients at the Bambino Gesù Hospital in Rome.

By Vatican News staff writer

“Prayer is stronger than the virus,” Cardinal Pietro Parolin reminded patients and staff at the Vatican’s Bambino Gesù Children’s Hospital, echoing the words inscribed on a drawing by one of the hospital’s young patients.

"These are the words written by one of you," he said. "They are written on a drawing that I keep in my study."

Parolin’s visit to the Children’s Hospital on the Janiculum Hill took place on Tuesday afternoon. He was welcomed by Hospital President Mariella Enoc and was able to connect virtually with the rest of the community, which was following online.

"We thank God,” said the Cardinal looking into the computer monitors to the doctors, nurses, religious watching via the web, “for these means that allow us to stay in touch despite the pandemic.”

He expressed his regret that limitations put in place to curb infections have impacted and reduced the possibilities of face-to-face meetings, but said he would have been sorry “not to be able to renew this traditional appointment.”

“I greet and embrace each of you who are connected and I also bring the greeting and embrace of Pope Francis,” he said.

A hospital with human and spiritual resources

The Cardinal thanked all hospital staff for the "generous, conscientious, competent, discreet and often hidden work” they carry out and expressed his appreciation for the “prompt and effective response” that the hospital was able to offer during the pandemic: a response made possible thanks to the high standards of excellence and dedication lived every day by the institution.

He described the hospital as one that has all the human and spiritual resources needed to “fight against the evil represented by covid and all the other diseases that afflict children.”

Before giving his virtual greetings, Cardinal Parolin met personally with hospital President Mariella Enoc, with Duchess Maria Grazia Salviati, and with a group of physicians who have been particularly exposed to the covid virus during the past year.

“Faced with an unprecedented and uncertain situation you have been able to offer an effective response thanks to your ability to work together by combining different resources and skills,” he said.

Cardinal Parolin concluded congratulating everyone for this result and noted that the Bambino Gesù Hospital has been able to give the best of itself in this situation because that’s what it always does: “From your daily commitment comes the ability to provide a response even during emergencies. May the Lord bless your efforts.”


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23 December 2020, 13:33