Palestinians carry bags of flour they grabbed from an aid truck near an Israeli checkpoint in Gaza City Palestinians carry bags of flour they grabbed from an aid truck near an Israeli checkpoint in Gaza City 

Pope calls for urgent aid for Gaza and encourages peace efforts

Pope Francis calls on nations to act urgently to help the people of Gaza with desperately needed humanitarian aid. He encourages peace efforts at a summit hosted by Jordan set to take place next week. He remembers the suffering people of Ukraine and Myanmar.

Vatican News

In the coming days Jordan will host an international conference focusing on the humanitarian emergency in Gaza. Following the Sunday Angelus, Pope Francis called attention to the summit convened by the King of Jordan, the President of Egypt and the Secretary General of the United Nations, thanking them for this "important initiative." He strongly encouraged the international community to "act urgently" and use all means possible to assist the people of Gaza exhausted by the war. He appealed that humanitarian aid quickly "reach those in need" and that no one should prevent it from arriving.

Imploring the gift of peace

The Pope recalled that 8 June 2024 marked the tenth anniversary of the Invocation for Peace that took place in the Vatican, attended by the late Israeli President, Shimon Peres, and Palestinian President Abu Mazen. He said that encounter showed that "joining hands is possible, and that it takes courage to make peace,  far more courage than to wage war." 

The Pope then strongly encouraged ongoing negotiations between those involved, "even though they are not easy," while expressing hopes that proposals for peace, a ceasefire on all fronts, and the release of the hostages, "will be accepted immediately for the good of Palestinians and Israelis."

Remember Ukraine and Mynamar

Recalling the tormented people of Ukraine who continue to suffer and yearn for peace, the Pope asked us to remember them in our thoughts and prayers and told them "we are close to you" as he greeted a Ukrainian group present in Saint Peter's Square. He said people want peace, and he encouraged once again that "all efforts" be made "so that peace can be built as soon as possible, with international help."

In conclusion, the Pope recalled those suffering in Myanmar and to keep them in our thoughts and prayers as well.

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09 June 2024, 12:48