Pope visits Matera solidarity center, blesses new premises

Following the Mass in Matera, Italy, to mark the conclusion of the 27th National Eucharistic Congress, the Pope visited the "Don Giovanni Mele" soup kitchen where he greeted staff and blessed their new building.

By Vatican News staff writer

Pope Francis made a visit to a soup kitchen near the venue of where he presided over Mass in Matera. The Pope travelled to the southern Italian city in the Basilicata region on Sunday where he presided over the celebration marking the conclusion of the 27th National Eucharistic Congress.

The Pope visited the new premises housing the "Don Giovanni Mele" Fraternity Cafeteria that serves around 100 meals per day for the poor and people in need. During the pandemic, the soup kitchen offered meals for carry-out. 

The place is named after Fr. Giovanni Mele, the local parish priest who was known for his great dedication and service to the poor, offering meals and housing.

The current center is looking to expand its outreach with its "House of Fraternity" which will assist with building and strengthening relationships with one another and the community.

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25 September 2022, 12:14