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Pope to youth of Madagascar: “With God everything is possible"

Pope Francis sends a video message to the young people of Madagascar for their National Youth Day, inviting them to trust in God and to bring peace and hope everywhere.

By Adriana Masotti

"Go and proclaim to everyone that Jesus loves us and that with Him all fear disappears!” This is the mandate that Pope Francis entrusts to the young people of Madagascar who have just concluded their National Youth Day celebrations. The theme of their meeting was: "Fear not, Mary, for you have found grace with God".

A Papal mandate to youth

Pope Francis addressed the young people in a video message in French that was broadcast at the end of the Eucharistic celebration that concluded the event.

Below please find the full version of the text in the English translation:

Dear young people, I am happy to address you, live. You are in my heart and in that of the bishops of the Synod, because our attention is directed to you, young people. You have come from every corner of your beautiful island for this meeting on the theme: “Fear not, Mary, for you have found grace with God".

This word of the Angel to Mary is for each of you today. God addresses it to you. As the Lord looked at Mary and gave her His grace, He looks at you with love, respect and tenderness. He knows your fears, your frailties. With Him, everything is possible.

Respond generously to the call of Jesus

Mary has put everything in His hands: do as she did, accept this gift of God by opening your hearts to the best of your ability. God's grace is a treasure that can easily be forgotten. Because the Lord never imposes Himself! He always tells us, "If you want to... If you want to..." Take time to listen to His invitation and to respond to it with all your heart and with your generosity! What joy comes from responding Jesus’ call! So many priests and consecrated persons can witness to this: Jesus gives meaning to our whole life.

Walk together with others

Do not be alone! The Church is a great Family in which you will always find support and comfort; in your parishes and in your groups, through prayer, the sacraments, friendship, the accompaniment of priests and other baptized people.

Be messengers of peace and hope

Go and proclaim to everyone that Jesus loves us and that with Him all fear disappears! Realize your dreams and work together to build your future and that of your country, always seeking the good of one another. I send you as messengers of peace and hope to your cities, to your villages, where you live and work. May God bless you and bless your families! I pray for you and I ask you to pray also for me and for all your bishops.

15 October 2018, 13:11