Afghan civilians fleeing to Pakistan in what risks soon becoming a humanitarian emergency Afghan civilians fleeing to Pakistan in what risks soon becoming a humanitarian emergency 

Barnabite missionary appeal: "Pray, pray, pray for Afghanistan"

After conquering the main cities of Afghanistan, the Taliban are now just a few kilometers from the capital Kabul. So far the UN's request to begin peace talks with the government has not been met with a positive response. A Barnabite missionary, responsible for the Missio sui iuris in Afghanistan, appeals for peace and for prayers for all the nation's people.

Giancarlo La Vella and Fausta Speranza - Vatican City

Kabul, the capital of Afghanistan and the center of institutional power, is facing the inexorable advance of the Taliban forces that could at any moment be back in power after having already governed the country from 1996 to 2001. Since the Soviet invasion in 1979, Afghanistan has suffered from violence and war. Now the country is once again experiencing the suffering caused by armed conflict, forced exile and hunger. The situation is especially difficult for civilians where Barnabite Fr. Giovanni Scalese, head of Missio sui iuris, serves by offering a Catholic presence in the Asian country. He urges everyone to draw close spiritually to the people and pray that Lord may save Afghanistan from more suffering and bring them lasting peace.

“"We are living days of great apprehension as we await what happens. My appeal to the listeners of Vatican Radio is to pray...pray, pray, pray for Afghanistan! Thank you."”

UN fears humanitarian catastrophe

The United Nations secretary general, Antonio Guterres, has asked for a stop to the offensive in Afghanistan, which is taking a heavy humanitarian toll on the civilian population. 250,000 people - 80% women and children - have already been forced to leave their homes. He has appealed for a start to peace talks. The secretary general also expressed his shock over reports of abuse of women. In order to save Afghans fleeing the violence, many are calling for the establishment of humanitarian corridors. The humanitarian and health situation is worsening by the hour, said Guterres, stressing that "conflicts in urban areas result in continuous carnage, with civilians are paying the highest price" of the violence. 

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14 August 2021, 14:39