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Ugandan Dr Irene Kyamummi Ugandan Dr Irene Kyamummi 

Ugandan Dr Irene Kyamummi: Winner of Harambee Prize 2020

Uganda’s Medical Doctor, Irene Kyamummi, a promoter of the Child Health Project (CHEP), which provides care for Kampala’s most vulnerable children will Thursday be conferred with the Harambee 2020 award for the Promotion and Equality of African Women.

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The award announcement about Doctor Kyamummi’s recognition for the Promotion and Equality of African Women was made in January, this year.

Promotion and Equality of African Women

Conferment of the Harambee 2020 Award Ceremony is, however, scheduled for Thursday 5 March 2020 in Madrid, Spain. The award acknowledges Doctor Kyamummi’s work as an ardent promoter of the Child Health Project (CHEP) which supports some of the most vulnerable children in Kampala, Uganda.

Worked first in Kenya now Uganda

Kyamummi studied medicine at Uganda’s University of Makerere and then worked on projects in favour of low-income families, first in Kenya and then in Uganda. In particular, she has collaborated on initiatives that support children suffering from tuberculosis as well as improving the living conditions of over 5,000 sick children.

With the Prize, sponsored by the René Furterer Laboratorios, Kyamummi will be able to contribute more to the reduction of child mortality in the suburbs of Kampala through targeted health care programs.

Uganda’s CHEP Project also involves schools and, through them, families, because education is seen as essential to preventing and ensuring a healthier life for Ugandan’s vulnerable children.

Harambee Africa International

Harambee Africa International has been carrying out development projects in the field of education and training in Sub-Saharan Africa since 2002. Harambee is also involved in information and awareness-raising initiatives to contribute to the diffusion of a more in-depth image of the African Continent, beyond stereotypes. Harambee committees operate in Italy, France, Spain, Portugal, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Poland and the United States. The headquarters is in Rome.

04 March 2020, 12:47