Migrant shipwreck on the island of Kythira Migrant shipwreck on the island of Kythira 

2 migrant boat tragedies off Greece leave scores dead and many missing

At least 17 people have died in the Aegean Sea after a dinghy carrying migrants capsized near Lesbos. Following another shipwreck off the island of Kythira, many are still missing.

By Nathan Morley

At least 15 people have died in the Aegean Sea after a dinghy carrying migrants capsized.

Those that lost their lives were onboard a dinghy which sank off the coast of Lesvos in the Aegean.

According to Greece's maritime authorities, another 15 people were plucked alive from the frigid waters. Those survivors told authorities that about 40 people were on board when the vessel began to sink.

It is reported the victims were young African women.

In another incident, at least 80 people were rescued off the island of Kythira in southern Greece after another boat foundered and crashed onto rocks on Wednesday night.

Survivors – mostly from Iran and Afghanistan - said approximately 95 people were on the boat.

Both vessels are suspected of travelled from neighbouring Turkey.

According to data from the International Organization for Migration (IOM), since January 2022, 64 people have died trying to cross into Europe from Turkey, compared to 111 for the whole of last year.

This route – across the Mediterranean and Aegean - remains a key route for migrants and asylum seekers. However, the incidents are another reminder of the risks, especially now as winter weather arrives in the region bringing treacherous conditions on the high seas.

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06 October 2022, 14:34