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Bay of Santa Maria in Acapulco, Mexico Bay of Santa Maria in Acapulco, Mexico  (AFP or licensors)

Mexico considers relaxing anti-Covid measures

Mexico, which has almost no testing system for the pandemic considers which of its thirty two States can gradually and prudently return to normal work activities.

By James  Blears

More and more of Mexico`s thirty two States, are being moved from red alert to orange, but so far only Campeche has gone to yellow, under which all work activities are permitted.

Guerrero, which is a major national and international tourism destination, is due to be moved from orange, which represents medium risk to yellow which is approaching normality, on Monday. 

The calculations are being made on infection rates, hospitalizations and deaths. Guerrero State Governor Hector Astudillo says holiday makers are being welcomed back with hotels being opened and restaurants will be available to diners. But this still represents a considerable health risk and an economic gamble because World famous resorts of Acapulco, Ixtapa/Zihuatanejo and silver town Taxco, draw droves of tourists in normal times.

Twenty five Mexican States remain on orange alert including Mexico City and the surrounding Federal District. So far the Capital and surrounding area, has  had more than 95,000 infection cases with almost ten thousand five hundred deaths. Mayor Claudia Sheinbaum says that infection rate and hospitalizations have risen over the past days so the country`s largest conurbation plus concentration of population  remains firmly on orange.

Mexico is the third worst affected nation on earth with almost 600,000 cases and more than 62,000 deaths.  With only three covid tests per 100,000 people, all of this is basically a stab in the dark underestimation guess.  Only time will tell the full and ghastly truth.  Mexico currently has access to 18 unproven vaccinations.  

29 August 2020, 17:27