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First lady of Brazil tests positive for coronavirus First lady of Brazil tests positive for coronavirus  (ANSA)

Brazil's first lady tests positive for Covid-19

Brazil`s First Lady Mchelle Bolsonaro is being closely monitored by health experts, after testing positive for Covid-19, but is not showing full blown symptoms of the illness so far.

By James Blears

Michelle Bolsonaro's positive test for Covid 19, follows a rally in the Capital Brasalia during which she gave a speech with a mask on. 

Michelle aged 38, is reported in good health and following the advice of experts. 

Her husband, 65 year old President Jair Bolsonaro has recovered from Covid.  He reported that he'd tested positive on July 6th and spent more than two weeks in self-imposed isolation in the Presidential Palace.  At that time he had symptoms, which included a fever and a cough.

Science and Technology Minister Marcos Pontes aged 57, has announced he's tested positive, being the fifth member of the Government to be taken ill.  Brazil has just re-opened its borders to international air travel for the first time since March.  Yet, it has the second highest infection rate in the World, with 2.5 million people infected and more than 90,000 deaths.

In the last day, President Bolsonaro attended a water supply installation inauguration in the State of Bahia, lowering his mask and shaking hands.  Before Covid took its deadly grip in Brazil he had described it as: "A little flu."

31 July 2020, 15:00