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FILE PHOTO: Honduran President Juan Orlando Hernandez addresses supporters during a rally in Tegucigalpa File photo of Honduran President Juan Orlando Hernandez addressing supporters during a rally in Tegucigalpa 

Covid-19: Honduran President hospitalized

Honduran President Juan Orlando is in hospital being treated for pneumonia, after confirming that he and his wife have tested positive for Covid 19.

By James Blears

President Juan Orlando Hernandez had already announced in a nationwide broadcast that he and Wife Ana Garcia Carias had tested positive for Covid 19. 

Two other people who work closely with them have also tested positive.  Further medical tests showed that the President had contracted pneumonia. He`s now receiving medicine intraveneously and his condition is steadily improving. He`s being carefully monitored in a military hospital.  He began feeling unwell at the weekend.

Now the President says he`s beginning to feel appreciably better. He`s one of ten thousand Covid 19 cases in Honduras. And so far three hundred reported deaths. But as in much of Latin American nations, testing is not keeping pace with actual infection levels,  and mortality rates are well below what`s starkly the real situation.

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The Capital Tegucigalpa is particularly heavily affected  at the moment, being the epicenter of the pandemic crisis in the Country.

Hernandez was re-elected President in 2017, confounding the Constitution of Honduras,  which previously banned re-election. Now he proving a medical as well as well as a durable plus  controversial political comeback fighter.

18 June 2020, 10:53