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Outbreak of the coronavirus disease in Chile Outbreak of the coronavirus disease in Chile 

Chile underfire for "all clear" Covid certificates

Chile is facing a mounting mountain of international criticism, as it prepares to issue ALL CLEAR certificates for those who`ve recovered from Covid 19.

By James Blears

Chile is poised to hand out post recovery certificates for those who`ve survived Corona Virus. And this is drawing a wave of warnings.  Nevertheless Sub Secretary at Chile`s Ministry of Health, Paula Daza says once you`ve had it, there`s a significantly reduced risk you`ll get it again.  But then she`s contradicted herself by saying these certificates aren`t immunity cards. The issue is now being further clouded and muddied by Senior Health Official Jaime Manalich, who`s claiming that those who`ve recovered are actually immune and quarantine won`t apply to them.

The World Health Organization disputes all of this and is strenuously warning against so called immunity passports.  The United Nations says this misplaced and false confidence could actually spread and widen the destructive scope of the virus.  Health experts are clearly warning that just because a person has overcome and recovered from the virus, this is not a guarantee they can`t contract Coronavirus...all over again.


28 April 2020, 09:31