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A thermal scanner screens for coronavirus in Mexico A thermal scanner screens for coronavirus in Mexico 

Mexicans fear coronavirus entering from the US

Mexicans are trying to blocade a border crossing linking the United States, claiming that travelers from the US could infect them at a rapid rate.

By James Blears

Citizens of Sonora are criticizing the situation in Bordering Arizona, claiming that there's a far higher and faster spreading infection rate of Covid 19 there.  Both the US and Mexican Governments have banned recreational non commercial cross border travel. But the activists say that enforcement is lax,  while other people are still traipsing too and fro for school and daily work, which they want banned.  They're insisting all people from the US coming into Mexico must be tested for the Corona virus and they're  threatening to once again block the Concina Crossing Point. They also want all those deported from the United States to be tested.

Meanwhile Miguel Barbosa, who's the Governor of the Central Mexican State of Puebla,  says  that the poor have nothing to fear about the disease, claiming that the vast majority of those infected are rich.  He reasons: "If you're rich then you're at risk. But if you're poor you're not. We're poor, so we're immune."  Local media report that unfortunately for him, Barbosa isn't short of money, as he owns several luxury homes and has a princely salary.

27 March 2020, 17:26