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Two subway trains collide in Mexico City Two subway trains collide in Mexico City  (ANSA)

Metro collision in Mexico kills one, injures dozens

One person has died and 41 have been injured in a collision between trains on Mexico City`s metro system.

By James Blears

The accident happened at 11.30 last night local time at the Tacubaya Station, on the Observatorio line of Mexico City`s busy Metro System.  Footage taken moments after the high impact collision shows one orange train and carriages straddling the other, wedged into the roof. 

The Red Cross, Police and Metro workers helped extract people from the wreckage. Thirty eight of the forty one injured were taken to the nearby Durango Clinic.  One person has since died in Hospital Alvaro Obregon. Mexico City`s Mayor Claudia Sheinbaum said those hurt in the accident are not seriously injured. 

She together with Mexico City`s Attorney General`s Office, has launched an investigation into the crash.  The Metro system which transports more than five million commuters daily, has a strict system of lights which regulates the circulation and flow of trains. When a red light shows the train has to stop sometimes for minutes, in order to allow another train to progress in front of it. Or for another train coming in the opposite direction to safely pass. That system or human error which is needed to regulate it, has failed in some way. The question

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11 March 2020, 16:54