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Women in Mexico protest against femicide Women in Mexico protest against femicide  (AFP or licensors)

Mexico's President supports strike against femicide

Mexico`s President is supporting the right of women to hold a national strike to demand action against femicide.

By James Blears

Expressing anger and revulsion against femicides and backing it up by rallies, women`s groups announce that March 9th, which is the day after International Women`s Day, will be designated anti femicide day.  They are urging  woman not to work, not to send their daughters to school nor buy a single item.  Minister of the Interior Olga Sanchez says she will join the strike day.  Mexico`s President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador stresses that no woman government worker or woman civil servant will suffer any penalty or sanction,  for going on strike and standing up for her rights.

The fury and pledged action, follows the murder and mutilation of a 25 year old woman, and in a separate case,  the abduction and murder of a seven year old girl in different areas of Mexico City.

Women held a protest rally  last year, following the rapes of two girls, allegedly by Police Officers.  Ten women per day are murdered throughout Mexico, where femicides increased by seven percent last year.

22 February 2020, 13:54