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Burnt wreckage of a vehicle is seen in Bavispe, Mexico Burnt wreckage of a vehicle is seen in Bavispe, Mexico 

Mexico: 9 US citizens killed in drug cartel attack

At least 9 US citizens were murdered in Mexico in an attack officials say was carried out by a drug cartel.

By Devin Watkins

The act of horrific violence took place on Monday in the northern Mexican state of Sonora.

Three mothers and six children were gunned down as they travelled near the town of Bavispe in a large SUV. A pair of 6-month-old twins were among those murdered. Police were still searching on Tuesday for 1 missing child.

Mistaken identity?

Mexico’s Security Secretary said the gunmen were thought to belong to a drug cartel and that they may have mistakenly thought the SUV belonged to a rival gang.

Alfonso Durazo said another 6 children were wounded in the attack.

All of the victims were United States citizens.

Break-away Mormon group

Mexican media say they are members of a break-away group of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.

They reportedly belonged to the LeBaron family, which is associated with the Mormon offshoot that settled in northern Mexico decades ago.

This is not the first time that members of the breakaway family have been attacked in the area.

An anti-crime activist named Benjamin LeBaron was murdered in 2009 in neighboring Chihuahua state.

05 November 2019, 15:25