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Demonstrations in Ecuador Demonstrations in Ecuador  (AFP or licensors)

Ecuador's President seeks dialogue with protesters

Ecuador`s President Lenin Moreno offers dialogue to protesters against his decision to scrap fuel subsidies. Demonstrations meanwhile continue and are now in their tenth day.

By James Blears

For the first time in the midst of this crisis, President Lenin Moreno is offering dialogue, although he`s still refusing to rescind the decision to scrap fuel subsides which cost the country 1.3 billion dollars annually.

He`s trying to secure a 4.2 billions dollars loan from the International Monetary Fund the IMF, to boost a sluggish slow developing economy. But to do it he has to jettizen this economic baggage. The result has been a 100 percent increase in gasoline and diesel, infuriating many people, who are now calling for a policy U turn, and with it, his resignation.

The Government has left the capital Quito and moved to the port city of Guayaquil.

Following the offer, which the United Nations is offering to mediate, protesters clashed with riot Police who fired tear gas rounds and shot guns at them, in front of the National Assembly buildings, which the indigenous activists already briefly stormed, before being driven back. Ten abducted Police officers have been released by the protesters while more than 700 people have been arrested, by Authorities.

The unrest looks set to continue with more confrontations between security forces in armored cars and masked Molotov cocktail hurling activists likely.

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12 October 2019, 14:56