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Children suffer as Venezuela crisis deepens

The most recent UNICEF report says some 3.2 million children in Venezuela need humanitarian aid as conditions across the country continue to deteriorate.

By Vatican News

Venezuela is in the midst of one of the worst economic crises in history. According to the United Nations, one quarter of its population of 30 million people is in need of life-saving humanitarian assistance. Many of these are children.

While Venezuela remains gridlocked in a power-struggle between President Nicolàs Maduro and the leader of the country’s National Assembly, Juan Guaidò, children and families struggle to cope with food shortages and limited access to healthcare, safe water and education.  

The numbers

At least 4.3 million people across Venezuela do not have access to safe drinking water; vaccine-preventable diseases including measles and diphtheria have re-emerged, while yellow fever and malaria are on the rise. An estimated 1.3 million children and adolescents need protection services, while over 1 million children are out of school.

The Church

During their Plenary Assembly in Caracas, in July, the Bishops of Venezuela issued a new appeal for the restoration of constitutional order and for urgently needed humanitarian aid. “Faced with the reality of an illegitimate and bankrupt government, Venezuela is crying out for a change of direction”, they wrote. Describing the situation in the country as “dramatic”, they confirmed it is worsening by the day.

21 August 2019, 11:43