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Migrants form a human chain to cross the Rio Bravo to enter into the United States Migrants form a human chain to cross the Rio Bravo to enter into the United States 

Mexico ready to welcome deportees from the US

Mexico`s Foreign Minister says that those Mexicans deported from the United States will be welcomed with open arms, with a plan to integrate them into Mexican society and the workplace, as quickly as possible.

By James Blears

Immigration and Customs Enforcement, better know as ICE, confirms they`re going to conduct raids in New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Miami, Chicago, Houston, New Orleans, Atlanta, Baltimore and Denver.  This is to deport families, who already have court orders issued against them.  US President Donald Trump has said ICE is poised to deport millions of people.

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At a special press Conference in Mexico City,  Mexico`s Foreign Minister Marcelo Ebrard says that for the time being, the Mexican Government is expecting around a thousand deportees.  He assured they will be fed, cared for and supported, and that  jobs will be found for them.  He stressed that this will be done for countrymen and countrywomen.  He avoided a question about whether Mexico and the United States are becoming : "More distant neighbors, due to these US actions." Officials flanking Ebrard, urged  people facing deportation to seek the  help and advice of Mexican Consulates, dotted all around the United States. 

It`s estimated that there could be as many as eleven million undocumented Mexicans living and working in the United States.  The remittances, or money sent home to families in Mexico by them, is a major and vitally important enabling part of the Mexican economy.

15 July 2019, 17:34