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Cuban migrants wait outside the Mexican Commission for Refugee Assistance (COMAR) in Tapachula Cuban migrants wait outside the Mexican Commission for Refugee Assistance (COMAR) in Tapachula 

More migrant concerns for Mexico

Mexico`s Government says it could be swamped with fifty thousand US asylum seekers and migrants soon, due to the agreement via which trade tariffs from Washington have been narrowly avoided.


By James Blears

Alejandro Encinas, who`s the Director of the Mexican Government`s Human Rights Department, warns there are already forty thousand asylum seekers in Mexico, but thousands more will swell their numbers to double that, or more by year end. So he and Secretary of the Interior Olga Sanchez are working on a National Human Rights Program, trying to stem, cope and help alleviate this crisis.

Sanchez says that the current situation has been inherited from previous Administrations. But also explaining that however harsh the truth is, it must now be recognized and dealt with. Earlier today, the Director of Mexico`s Migration Institute Tonatiuh Guillen resigned.

Mexico, which is sending thousands of National Guard down South to try and secure its Southern Border, has little more than a month to prove to Washington and President Donald Trump that it has drastically reduced the flow of migrants from Central America, entering and traversing its territory. If it can`t...then US trade sanctions will be wielded and bite deeply into the fragile thin layered Mexican economy. The United States could also demand that Mexico thereafter, be used as a holding area for ALL migrants globally, who want to cross over on to US territory.

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15 June 2019, 18:53