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Smoke rises over Gaza after Israeli air strikes hit Palestinian territory Smoke rises over Gaza after Israeli air strikes hit Palestinian territory  (ANSA)

Gaza-Israel violence continues for third day

Palestinian militants have fired more than 450 rockets into Israel, drawing dozens of retaliatory air strikes on targets across the Gaza Strip.

By Nathan Morley

There had been a month-long lull in hostilities in the region, before this latest bout of violence.

Cross-border attacks have now run into their third day. United Nations mediators, along with Egyptian officials credited with brokering ceasefires in the past, are working to prevent further hostilities.

It is unclear if they have made any progress.

Violent exchanges

In this latest flurry of violence, a rocket launched from Gaza killed an Israeli man, whilst two Palestinians were killed in an Israeli strike on Sunday.

According to local media, nearly 450 mortar and rocket attacks have been fired by Palestinian factions towards Israel since Saturday morning. Numerous rocket volleys were intercepted by the so-called "Iron Dome" defense system, forcing many people to take refuge in shelters.

Just before midnight Saturday, several rockets were fired towards the coastal city of Ashdod and Be'er Sheva in the Negev desert.

In response, Israel hit back with shelling and air-strikes at over 200 targets in the Gaza region, including strikes on a warehouse, launching sites, and an underground rocket manufacturing workshop.

Continuing strikes

This latest instability kicked-off on Friday when a Palestinian sniper fired at Israeli troops, hurting two soldiers.

At a cabinet meeting on Sunday, Israeli Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu ordered the army to continue its strikes and reinforce the forces deployed around the Gaza Strip.

This sudden surge in violence comes just ahead of both the Muslim holy month of Ramadan and Israel’s Independence Day holiday.

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05 May 2019, 15:29