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8 years of War in Syria

Syrians returning to rebuild their homes with fears of a lost generation.

Eight years of war in Syria have led millions of Syrians into hunger and poverty.  War has displaced and forced them to find shelter where possible.  Many are now trying to return to their homes but find their homes uninhabitable. 

Amal Jaham fled Homs 7 years ago. Her husband is injured and 2 daughters are ill. On her return a month ago she was saddened to see her destroyed home and expressed her inability to repair it. 

46 year old Om Hani and her 7 kids work in fields in rural Daraa.  Her husband is dead. They fled the fighting in Deir Ezzor, some 400 KM away and are now living in a tent without electricity next to a highway.  Her sorrow at the moment is that her children cannot attend school and are forced to work at a very young age.

According to  Marwa Awad, the spokesperson for World Food Programme, WFP delivers food assistance to over 3 million people.    They also help with nutritional needs and guide with livelihood projects.

This video, produced by the World Food Programme, brings you  images of the current situation of Homs, Daraa, Aleppo and Kisweh.

15 March 2019, 10:59