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Lima Group meets in Ottawa for emergency meeting on Venezuela Lima Group meets in Ottawa for emergency meeting on Venezuela  (ANSA)

Venezuela: A number of Latin American countries back Guaido

The majority of the Lima Group of Latino Nations, plus Canada is appealing to Venezuelan Armed Forces to allow the passage of humanitarian aid for crisis wracked Venezuela.

By James Blears

Before the Summit in Ottowa, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said the Administration of Venezuela`s President Nicolas Maduro is quote: "A dictatorship, willing to use force and fear." Canada along with ten other members announce they support Venezuelan National Assembly Leader Juan Guaido as the legitimate President. While Mexico, St Lucia and Guyana disagree. Mexico and Uruguay have offered to host talks, but this has been rejected by Guaido.

In addition to an appeal to Venezuela`s military to allow in international aid unimpeded, the Lima Group is urging further trade and financial restrictions against the Maduro Government. Adding to the pressure, sixteen European Nations now back Guaido and 38 countries in total.

Nicolas Maduro is rejecting that there`s a crisis in Venezuela saying...."We are not beggers." He`s also saying that the aid on offer is an excuse to start an invasion. Each and every day the crisis is deepening. The Military is still supporting President Maduro.

05 February 2019, 16:49