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A U.S. flag flutters at the U.S. Embassy in Caracas A U.S. flag flutters at the U.S. Embassy in Caracas 

US says it will not withdraw consulate staff from Caracas

The United States says it will not withdraw consulate staff from Caracas, in spite of a 72 hour expulsion order from President Nicolas Maduro, who has severed ties with Washington.

By James Blears

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo says the expelled diplomats are staying put, because the United States no longer recognizes the power of Nicolas Maduro as President and that Opposition leader Juan Guaido is the Interim President. President Maduro`s deadline for the US diplomats to leave, runs out on Saturday Afternoon. Diosdado Cabello Vice President of Venezuela`s ruling Socialist Party has warned that the US Consulate`s electricity supply could be cut off. Mike Pompeo, who`s described Nicolas Maduro as morally bankrupt, is pressing for a UN Security Council meeting, also tomorrow.

In another development, US National Security Advisor John Bolton confirms that funds to the Maduro Administration have ended, and financing will be channeled to Guaido.

The Venezuelan Military remains loyal to President Nicolas Maduro, and while this continues his power base remains intact. Defence Minister Vladimir Padrino who`s calling the current situation very dangerous, says quote: "It`s not a war between Venezuelans that will solve our problems, but rather dialogue." He`s supporting Nicolas Maduro calling him the legitimate President. This crisis is dangerously polarizing the White House and the Kremlin, who have diametrically opposed views about Nicolas Maduro.

25 January 2019, 16:54