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Central American migrants in Playas de Tijuana Central American migrants in Playas de Tijuana   (AFP or licensors)

Mexico formulates plan to address migrant crisis

Mexico is initiating a development plan to address and resolve the immigration crisis of Central American migrants and its very own citizens. James Blears reports about meeting of Foreign Ministers in Mexico City.

By James Blears

Mexico`s Foreign Minister Marcelo Ebrard wants to formulate an integrated regional development plan to dissuade mass migration,  by offering home grown opportunities. 

In a meeting which included the Foreign Ministers of Guatemala, El Salvador and Honduras he proposed  that legal and practical changes were needed,  rather than political ones. 

Priority themes under scrutiny to control and regulate migration, are involving its origin, transition, destination and return,  in order to significantly reduce deportations. 

But the principal ambition is to create a plan of action spanning the Central Americas region, offering real, sustained lasting and  economic development via worthwhile jobs.  He has said that achieving all of this could be on a comparably huge scale if not methodology, to the Marshall Plan, which addressed and involved rebuilding devastated Europe in the aftermath of World War Two.

Mexico wants the United States to contribute to the funding of this latter day process.

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11 December 2018, 15:05