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Honduran migrants hoping to gain entry to the US Honduran migrants hoping to gain entry to the US  (AFP or licensors)

Second caravan of migrants begins march toward the US

A second caravan of Central American migrants is now heading for the Guatemalan / Mexican Border, with the aim of crossing it, in an attempt to reach US territory.

By James Blears

Another group of desperate Central American migrants are making their way through Guatemala, bound for and determined to cross into Mexico.  Estimates put their  number at between one thousand and two thousand far.  Other caravans are expected to form and start marching.

Nikki Haley  who`s stepping down as US Ambassador to the UN has suggested on Twitter: "There`s a need to look at political motives.  Honduran politicians allied with Venezuelan and Cuban socialist dictators are encouraging the Caravan to undermine the US friendly Government of President Juan Orlando Hernandez of Honduras."

Many of the migrants insist that extreme poverty and the fear of organized crime back home are their only agendas.

Mexico, which has refused to build a Border Wall is still monitoring the situation which is unfolding and moving on its territory, asking the human rights branch of the United Nations for help and advice.

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24 October 2018, 11:11