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Central American migrant caravan arrives in the Mexican state of Chiapas Central American migrant caravan arrives in the Mexican state of Chiapas  (ANSA)

Mexico makes conditional offer to Central American migrant caravan

The Mexican Government is offering a package of benefits and incentives to the Central American Caravan, on condition that its people say put in the South of the Country, and march no further.

By James Blears

The offer entitled: "Estas en tu casa...translated as: "You`re at home," has been made by Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto and concerns one thousand seven hundred Central Americans from the Caravan who`s already applied for refugee status. It includes temporary ID Cards plus work permits, housing in hostels, medical attention and schooling for the children with them. But in return they MUST stay within the Southern States of Chiapas and Oaxaca.

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President Pena Nieto says: "Today, Mexico extends its hand. This is only applicable for those who comply with Mexican laws. It`s a first step towards a permanent solution to those who are granted refugee status." The offer has already been rejected by more than two thousand of the migrants who after a vote via a show of hands, are vowing to press on, even though the nearest US territory is still more than 1,600 kms away.

27 October 2018, 13:25