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Fire engulfs Brazil museum Fire engulfs Brazil museum  (AFP or licensors)

Huge blaze at Brazil museum

An investigation is already underway into a gigantic blaze at Brazil`s two hundred years old National Museum in Rio de Janeiro, which has gutted large parts of the building, destroying priceless and irreplaceable heritage.

By James Blears

The saving grace is that there no reports of casualties. The National Museum was closed when the fire,  started, smoldered, ignited  and quickly took hold. 

It`s terrible destructive beauty lit up the night sky in a ball or orange and yellow. While now in daylight, the charred ugly scene of utter destruction.  

Scores of Fire fighters, who fought for hours to bring the fire under control,  say hydrants near to the museum were closed, so precious time was lost, while water was pumped from a nearby lake. A museum spokesman said many artefacts were saved, while others are now forever lost.  

Once a royal palace and now due to this, partially in ruins, the National Museum which this year, celebrated its bi-centenary, housed Roman, Greek and Portuguese heritage. As the saying goes...all the eggs in one basket.  

Brazil`s President Michel Temer is calling it a sad day for the Country.  Now will follow harsh questions about under funding and draining of resources due to a recent Soccer World Cup and Olympics, which have depleted and drained the coffers.

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03 September 2018, 10:48