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A view of the collapsed wooden walkway in the Spanish city of Vigo A view of the collapsed wooden walkway in the Spanish city of Vigo  (ANSA)

Boardwalk collapses at concert in Spain, injuring hundreds

More than 300 people were injured on Sunday night when a wooden platform collapsed during a music festival in the Spanish city of Vigo.

By Devin Watkins

An ocean-side boardwalk collapsed in Spain on Sunday night during a concert in the city of Vigo.

Witnesses reported scenes of panic as people, most of whom were teenagers, ran for safety. Several people fell into the sea.

Ambulances took the injured to hospital, while divers and emergency teams searched underwater for anyone trapped under the collapsed wooden structure.

Officials say the injured number at least 313. Police confirmed no one has yet died in the incident.

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‘Floor fell like an elevator’

The crowd of mostly young people were attending an urban sports and music festival in Vigo. They were listening to the Majorcan rapper Rels B when the boardwalk gave way.

Eyewitnesses said the platform collapsed during his first song, just as the artist told the crowd to jump.

One woman told a local newspaper, “The floor [of the platform] dropped like an elevator. It was a matter of five seconds. It broke and we all fell. People fell on top of me.”

Another man said he and a friend fell in the water but were able to swim to shore easily. He said others were not so lucky and were trapped in the water when other people fell on them.

Investigation opened

Vigo’s mayor, Abel Caballero, said most of the injures were light and most people had been treated by emergency responders and released. He said those with more serious injuries were receiving care in seven local hospitals.

It is unknown whether the boardwalk collapsed due to there being too many people on it, or if the structure itself was weak.

Mayor Caballero said there would be an investigation into the cause of the incident.

13 August 2018, 10:03