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Air strikes in eastern Syria kill dozens of civilians Air strikes in eastern Syria kill dozens of civilians  (AFP or licensors)

Many killed as air strike hits civilians in Syria

In Syria fighting continues to bring death and destruction as an air strike reportedly killed over 50 civilians. As Nathan Morely reports, the strike hit one of the last holdouts of so-called Islamic State in Syria's eastern province of Deir Al Zor.

By Nathan Morley

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights – a monitoring group based in Britain – said the attack targeted a public gathering in Al Soussa, a small town not far from the border with Iraq.

Those killed were said to have been attending an event at an ice factory. Medical services were reportedly overwhelmed by the casualties.

It remains unclear if the plane used in the attack was American or from the Iraqi Air Force, but Iraqi jets have carried out several strikes against IS targets in Syria recently.

The American-led coalition is battling to eradicate the last small pockets of Islamic State activity in Syria and Iraq.

SANA, the official news agency of the Syrian government, reported the strike claimed 30 civilians were killed and blamed the US-led coalition of conducting the attack.

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13 July 2018, 16:00