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Lopez Obrador declares his victory as president of Mexico Lopez Obrador declares his victory as president of Mexico  (ANSA)

New Mexican President vows to crush corruption

Left wing Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador has won Mexico`s Presidential Election on his third attempt, and the ruling party has finished in third place. A wind of radical political change is blowing through the nation..

By James Blears

Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador of the National Regeneration Movement, better known as Morena, is the first left wing candidate to win the Presidency. Voters punished the ruling Institutional Revolutionary Party...PRI in devastating fashion, for a failure to tackle Mexico`s ongoing 12 year Drug War, which has claimed quarter of a million lives.

His two main rivals have telephoned Lopez Obrador, congratulating him, wishing him well and conceding defeat. US President Donald trump has tweeted, saying he`s very much looking forward working together. He may yet regret those words. Self admittedly stubborn by nature, Lopez Obrador stresses that he wants to reduce dependence upon the United States. He`s vowing to save twenty billion dollars annually, by crushing rampant corruption, pledges to claim only half the Presidential Salary and sell off the Presidential jet aircraft. He doesn`t want to live in the Presidential Palace, saying it`ll be transformed into a national park. To be able to effectively rule for the six years non renewable term, his Party needs to win an overall majority in simultaneous Congressional Elections

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02 July 2018, 17:13