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Mexican President Lopez Obrador Mexican President Lopez Obrador  (ANSA)

Mexico's new president plans amnesty legislation, economic boost

Mexico’s newly-elected president, Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, has completed his first week on the job, proposing amnesty legislation to deal with rising crime and making plans to foster economic stability through job creation.

By James Blears

President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador intends to keep his election promises by doubling pensions for the elderly, while creating salaried trade apprentiships for school leavers.

This will cost the equivalent of almost eight billion dollars. Yet he pledges taxes won't be raised.

Instead, he'll streamline bloated bureaucracy, cutting away waste by cracking down on rampant corruption and budget overestimates, saving an estimated 20 billion dollars annually.

Lopez Obrador is even joking he'll sell off the Presidential jet, helicopter, and limousines to the United States. His National Regeneration Movement has won a majority in Congress, so he does actually have the legislative power to follow through and carry out these policies.

Lopez Obrador says that more of the Social Development Plan will be revealed during the visit of US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo on July 13th, cautioning: "There's going to be a real and deep change. It'll be radical change, but no one should be frightened."

So far Lopez Obrador hasn't used bodyguards quipping: "The people will protect me. He who fights for justice has nothing to fear." 

The facts don't bear this out, as 154 candidates and political workers have been killed during the election campaign throughout Mexico, mostly by the drug cartels, who've been waging a 12-year conflict against the Mexican government, at the cost of quarter of a million lives.

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07 July 2018, 17:12