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Mexicans cast their votes on Sunday during a general election Mexicans cast their votes on Sunday during a general election  (AFP or licensors)

Mexicans go to the polls in the hope of re-establishing law and order

Re-establishing the fragile rule of law and order, is the main priority vexing Mexicans going to the polls today, choosing a new President, Congress and local representatives.

By James Blears

More than 25,000 homicides throughout Mexico last year, which was an all time record. More than 130 political candidates murdered in the run up to these Elections. Front runner Presidential Candidate Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, who would be the first left wing leader of Mexico if elected, is vowing to tackle the Country`s 12 year Drug War, even at one point suggesting he might consider peace talks with the drug cartels!

The North American Free Trade Agreement re-negotiation still isn`t finalized, which puts immediate pressure on whoever is elected today. Failure would impact a 50 billion dollars annual dent in the Mexican Economy.

A non renewable Presidential term is six years in Mexico. As things stand, they could prove to be rather slim.

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01 July 2018, 17:11