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View of FSLN headquarters in Managua, Nicaragua View of FSLN headquarters in Managua, Nicaragua  (AFP or licensors)

Nicaraguan talks restart between government, opposition

Talks between the Nicaragua's government and the opposition take place on Friday to seek a resolution to a worsening crisis, which has gripped the country for more than two months.

By James Blears

Shops are shuttered in Nicaragua's capital Managua, with heavily armed riot police patrolling the streets to prevent looting.

Violence is reported in other cities, as a 24-hour nationwide strike initiated by the opposition winds down to its close.

This all started back in April, with an ill-advised government move to increase social security contributions, while reducing pension payouts, and to spearhead other austerity measures.

Fury and strikes followed, met with a heavy-handed response by Nicaraguan security forces. 

More than 160 people have died. Hundreds others have been wounded and arrested.

Nicaruagua's Foreign Ministry has just rejected a report by the Inter American Commission on Human Rights, which places most of the blame at their door, for grave violations of human rights.

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15 June 2018, 17:01