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Protest against cancelled summit between US and North Korea in Seoul Protest against cancelled summit between US and North Korea in Seoul  (ANSA)

Reaction to US cancellation of summit with North Korea

The United States has pulled out of a planned first-ever summit with North Korea, hours after North Korea demolished a nuclear test site. The U.S. president cited hostility by the North Korean side.

By Alastair Wanklyn

In a letter, U.S. President Donald Trump accused the North Koreans of "tremendous anger and open hostility," and for that he cancelled plans to meet North Korean leader Kim Jong Un. 

North Korea demolishes nuclear test site

The move came hours after a demolition team blew up buildings and tunnels where North Korea tested nuclear bombs. 

The test site was in a mountain in the north of the country. Its destruction appeared to be a gesture of good faith by Pyongyang towards improving ties with Washington as they moved towards the summit in June.

Reactions to Trump's move

North Korea was quick to react to Trump's move. The foreign ministry said it still wants to improve peace and stability on the Korean peninsula, and it will wait for the U.S. to have a change of heart.

Around the region, there were mixed reactions.

Japan's leader said......he supports Trump's move. Prime Minister Shinzo Abe said a summit must make concrete progress on North Korea's nuclear and missile programmes.

As for China...a foreign ministry spokesman said the cancelled summit is a wasted opportunity. He said the U.S. and North Korea must acknowledge the progress that they have achieved, and now be patient with one another.  

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Added by Vatican News staff:
And lastly, South Korea’s prime minister speaking in Austria today said that he is sad that the planned summit has been cancelled. He hopes that the two Koreas continue building on the recent historic meeting between Kim of North Korea and South Korea’s President.

25 May 2018, 17:01