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At least four dead, over 950 injured in clashes at Gaza border At least four dead, over 950 injured in clashes at Gaza border  (ANSA)

Palestinian protesters killed after Israeli troops open fire

Gaza officials said Israeli forces on Saturday shot dead four Palestinians in continuing protests on the border.

By Nathan Morley

This protest is now entering its fifth consecutive week. Protesters throwing stones and setting tires alight near the border with Israel approached the fence and tried to break through it.

Israel responded with tear gas, rubber bullets and live rounds.

Over 950 people were left wounded.

The UN High Commissioner for Human Rights condemned Israel's use of ‘excessive force,’ whilst Amnesty International called for governments worldwide to slap an arms embargo on the Jewish state.

At the beginning of this demonstration last month, thousands of Palestinians marched to the border, with sixteen of them being killed after being shot by Israeli soldiers on the first day of the protest.

Since then, dozens of tent encampments have sprung up along the perimeter with Israel. The protest has been dubbed the ‘March of Return’ and is supported by the Hamas rulers in Gaza. It calls for the right of return of Palestinian refugees to their homes.

The Israeli Defence Minister warned that any Palestinians from Gaza approaching the border fence were risking their own lives. The Israeli military described the protests as being "riots."

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28 April 2018, 17:42