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Pro-Syrian forces advance toward the town of Douma Pro-Syrian forces advance toward the town of Douma  (AFP or licensors)

Claims of a chemical attack leaves 70 dead in Syria

The Syrian government resumed an offensive against the town of Douma on Saturday. Allegations are surfacing that chemical weapons were used in the attack.

By Nathan Morley

According to opposition activists the poison gas attack killed scores of people in the town of Douma. They claim that in addition to those killed, around 500 people were treated for suffocation and other symptoms after barrel bombs containing Sarin, a toxic nerve agent were dropped.

The allegations are denied by the Syrian government, which resumed an offensive on Saturday evening.  Reports of the attack could not be independently verified.

For its part, Russia’s Ministry of Defense dismissed reports of the attack, according to the Interfax news agency.

In response to the reports, Washington called on Moscow to stop supporting the government of Syria and work with the international community to prevent further such attacks.

08 April 2018, 16:59