Papal Almoner offers thanks for aid to Ukrainians: "It was truly a Christian Christmas"

The Pope’s Almoner thanks those who participated in the outreach campaign to provide thermal shirts and electric generators to help Ukrainians survive the bitterly cold temperatures in the war-torn country.

By Sophie Peeters

Cardinal Konrad Krajewski, Prefect of the Dicastery for the Service of Charity, offers a message of thanks to those who supported his campaign to provide electric generators and thermal shirts to people suffering from the cold in Ukraine.

With the initial goal of 100,000 euros, the campaign has raised 250,000 euros so far, with the end of the collection concluding in a few days.

Thermal shirts and generators delivered to fight the cold in Ukraine

In his statement, Cardinal Krajewski thanked all those who participated in helping the Ukrainian people, “so battered, so martyred,” who are currently living without electricity or water.

As part of the outreach campaign, supported by the Dicastery for the Service of Charity, thermal shirts were purchased to donate to those living without heating in Ukraine.

Noting the special price given for the shirts, Cardinal Krajewski thanked the manufacturers of the thermal clothing for their generosity: “The first part of the T-shirts we brought were from the various factories in Italy at a very good price because a T-shirt costs about 30 euros and we paid only 5 [euros]: thanks also to the manufacturers for their generosity!”

Four trucks containing the clothing were sent to Lviv, Ukraine, and the shirts were then distributed in the war zones.

In addition to the thermal shirts, electric generators were also purchased using the funds raised by the Pope’s office for charity activities, also known as the Apostolic Almsgiving (Elemosineria Apostolica).

“With the large amount of money raised thanks to you, we were also able to buy generators, which are life there, and they are really needed to survive in this very difficult time, where the temperature goes below zero.”

“A Christian Christmas”

Concluding his statement, Cardinal Krajewski thanked and blessed all those who participated in the campaign: “And I thank you because this Christmas has been truly Christian - we have been able to share with others what belongs to us, even if it's just a few pennies, but that is life to them.”

7 million internally displaced Ukrainians already facing freezing winter

The UNHCR, the UN refugee agency, says some 7 million internally displaced Ukrainians are already facing freezing winter conditions after being forced to flee their homes.

Many are taking shelter in damaged buildings with no access to electricity and heating.

The heating crisis has worsened after Russia stepped up its missile strikes on Ukraine’s civilian energy sites, causing power shortages nationwide, also seriously affecting

Ukrainian nuclear power plants. In late November, for the first time ever, all 15 of its nuclear reactors were taken offline by fighting.

07 January 2023, 12:57