Cardinale Krajewski in Lviv, Ucraine Cardinale Krajewski in Lviv, Ucraine  

Cardinal Krajewski in Kyiv for Easter Triduum with suffering population

The head of the Office of Papal Charities is on his way to the Ukrainian capital where he will deliver the gift of an ambulance to a cardiological hospital.

By Benedetta Capelli and Mariusz Krawiec

An ambulance fitted with Vatican number plates is traveling the roads of war-ravaged Ukraine. For some, who see it passing by, it may appear as a symbol of hope for normality. What is certain, is that it is a sign of Pope Francis’ closeness.

Cardinal Konrad Krajewski, the Papal Almoner, is in Ukraine for the third time since the war began. He is personally driving the ambulance.

He had delivered another first-aid vehicle in Lviv a few weeks ago and before that, he had brought help and support to those who were fleeing the war.

The day after tomorrow, on Holy Thursday, a second ambulance is scheduled to be delivered to a cardiology hospital in Kyiv, a poignant way to begin the Triduum, bringing the presence of Pope Francis to this tormented land.

The ambulance donated by the Pope
The ambulance donated by the Pope

United with the Pope

"The purpose of this trip” Cardinal Krajewski told Vatican Media, “is to be close to a people who suffer, but also to pray and to celebrate Holy Week."

On Tuesday morning the Cardinal presided over the Chrism Mass in the Cathedral of Lviv. After a brief meeting with Latin Archbishop of Lviv, Mieczyslaw Mokrzycki, and with the Greek-Catholic Archbishop Ihor Vozniak, he continued on his journey to Kyiv.

"I will celebrate the Easter Triduum there,” he said, “together with the various Churches, with the people who suffer but who, in this Holy Week, want to get to sing: 'Alleluia, Christ is risen.'"

12 April 2022, 16:56