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Archbishop Caccia: Health, work, environment are challenges that should all be solved

Archbishop Gabriele Caccia, Holy See's Permanent Observer to the United Nations, discusses the main issues that have arisen from the pandemic and how a harmonious solution to all need to be found.

By Vatican News staff writer

Health, work, and the environment are three of the main problems that this pandemic has brought to light according to Archbishop Gabriele Caccia, Permanent Observer to the United Nations.

Speaking to Vatican News' Giancarlo La Vella, he notes that in order to tackle the first - health - a lockdown was imposed, which in turn caused a stall in the economy and problems to many people around the world.

On the other hand, continues Archbishop Caccia, the climate saw "a kind of hope" as a consequence, because there was less pollution.

So, he continues, "we see three important issues: health, work and climate" competing with each other at the moment. 

"If you save health you lose work", he says, and "if you save work you lose the environment".

The real challenge we are currently facing is being able to make these three very real issues work together, "so that they can be implemented with one another and not against each other". 

This, he says, "is the challenge we are forced to think about for the future". 

Archbishop Caccia met with Pope Francis on Monday morning in the Vatican. 

11 January 2021, 13:06