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Pope Francis and Msgr. Pedacchio Pope Francis and Msgr. Pedacchio 

Pope's personal secretary to leave his position

The Director of the Holy See Press Office announces that Msgr. Pedacchio will be leaving his position as personal secretary to the Pope, as part of an ordinary rotation of functions.

Msgr. Fabián Pedacchio Leániz, Pope Francis’ personal Secretary, will leave office shortly. The affirmation came from the Director of the Holy See Press Office, Matteo Bruni, in response to questions posed by journalists.

The Vatican spokesman stressed that this decision was taken some time ago. He described it as an "ordinary rotation of functions".

Matteo Bruni said that both Msgr. Pedacchio and Pope Francis’ second personal secretary, the Egyptian priest Yoannis Lahzi Gaid, took up the position with a spirit of service, "in addition to their previous functions, to which they may return, full time".

Msgr. Fabián Pedacchio is an expert in Canon Law. He has been working in the Vatican since 2003 and began working in the Congregation for Bishops in 2007. In 2013 he became Pope Francis’ personal secretary.

25 November 2019, 17:30