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Alessandro Gisotti, ad interim Director of Holy See Press Office Alessandro Gisotti, ad interim Director of Holy See Press Office  (Vatican Media)

Protection of minors: Meeting of abuse victims in Vatican

The ad interim Director of the Vatican Press Office, Alessandro Gisotti, issues a statement confirming a meeting that took place in the Vatican on Wednesday between the organizing committee of the “Protection of Minors in the Church” Meeting and several victims of abuse.

The text of the Holy See Press Office statement reads as follows:

“As was announced during the course of the Press Conference on 18 February in the Press Office of the Holy See, this morning the Organizing Committee for the Meeting on "The Protection of Minors in the Church" met a group of representatives of victims of sexual abuse by members of the clergy. There were 12 people, men and women, from different parts of the world who belong to various organizations. The meeting lasted a little bit more than two hours. The members of the Committee are very grateful to the victims who participated for their sincerity, the depth and the strength of their testimonies, which will certainly help them to always better understand the gravity and urgency of the difficulties that they will confront during the course of the Meeting.”

20 February 2019, 16:52