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Pope Francis and Archbishop Bernadito Auza. Pope Francis and Archbishop Bernadito Auza.   (Vatican Media)

Holy See urges accountability in fight against grave injustices, rights violations

Archbishop Bernardito Auza, Holy See’s Permanent Observer to the UN in New York, addressed a Security Council debate on May 17, on upholding international law.

By Robin Gomes

The Holy See has expressed appreciation for the United Nations’ commitment to “guaranteeing that impunity is not tolerated for genocide, war crimes and crimes against humanity or for violations of international humanitarian law and gross violations of human rights law.”


“Accountability is an essential component to strengthening the rule of law, and must be at the center of our efforts for peacebuilding, sustaining peace, and overall conflict prevention efforts,” Archbishop Bernardito Auza, the Apostolic Nuncio and Holy See’s Permanent Observer to the UN in New York, made the point on Thursday.  He was addressing a Security Council debate upholding international law for international peace and security.

Peace with justice

Accountability for grave injustices and human rights violations and the need to restore justice, he said,  cannot be overlooked or sacrificed in the name of a volatile, provisional, pseudo- stability. “Peace can be sustainable only if it goes hand-in-hand with justice,” he stressed.

In fighting for justice, Archbishop Auza urged that priority be given to those who often suffer disproportionately in conflict - in particular women, children and persecuted religious or ethnic groups - whose voices are most likely to remain the least heard in peace negotiations and post-conflict processes.

18 May 2018, 16:39