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‘Night at Vatican Museums’ opens to Italian Marksmen show

The “Night Openings of the Vatican Museums” kicks off with a concert by the Marksmen from the Italian city of Aprilia, who played their anthem while running through the galleries of the Chiaramonti Museum and the Pine Tree Courtyard.

The Vatican Museums began the summer season of Night Openings with a special show put on by the Italian military’s Marksmen (Bersaglieri) from the city of Aprilia. The Raphael Rooms, Sistine Chapel, and other treasures of art and history can be admired from 7:00 PM until 11:00 PM every Friday evening until October 26th. The final evening-entrance is at 9:30 PM.

One-off show

Thousands of lucky spectators witnessed the one-off show on Friday, April 20th, the first of the Night Openings of the Vatican Collections for the 2018 season.

Aprilia’s “Adelchi Cotteri” Marskmen played their traditional anthem in typical form, running through the Chiaramonti Museum and the Pine Tree Courtyard. Afterwards, they entertained visitors with an original concert of rock and pop songs.

The yearly “Night Openings” are a unique opportunity for tourists to visit the Pope’s Museums at an unusual time, away from the dizzying crush of tourists. The less-crowded spaces, the particular light, and the nighttime silence makes the visit a thrilling experience.

Music and Art

Music takes center stage again this year, and is offered by the Museidisera Art & Music Troupe, a collaboration between the Vatican Museums and the Italian National Music Committee (CIDIM). The evening visits are enriched by a series of concerts consisting of styles ranging from Argentinian tango to choir singing, from the trumpets of Nello Salsa to big band music, and from the Salento “pizzica” to the famous masterpieces of classical music.

Concerts begin at 8:00 PM and last an hour, taking place in the Pine Tree Courtyard amongst the famous Greek and Roman sculptures on display.

Online bookings are required for Night Openings. To find out more about the complete program, consult the official website at

25 April 2018, 12:40