Saint of the day

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Date 23 April

The Saint of the Day presents a daily calendar of Saints remembered by the Church. The pages feature the stories of the great witnesses of Christian life through the centuries, lighting our way on our journey of faith.

St. George, Martyr

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Few saints can boast a cult as widespread and popular as that of St George, knight and martyr of Christ, who lived between the third and fourth centuries. He is patron of many churches, as well as many countries and regions of the world. Both East and West keep his feast on April 23.  

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St. Adalbert, Bishop of Prague and Martyr

Adalbert was the first Slavic Bishop of Prague. After studying at Magdeburg, he attempted to evangelize the city, but with little success; so he went to Rome and became a Benedictine monk. Later he went as a missionary to northern Europe, and in 997 he was martyred along the Baltic coast.  

B. Mary Gabriella Sagheddu, Virgin, Cistercian