#EOF2022: The young fighting the only war we should fight

As the first day of the Economy of Francesco comes to an end, our correspondent in Assisi looks at what the day held and offers a glimpse of what awaits on Friday.

By Francesca Merlo - Assisi, Italy

It has been a very successful first day in Assisi, where the young people attending the Economy of Francesco opened the three-day event with a live musical performance, before delving deep into sessions, panels and round-table discussions to present their ideas and projects aimed at bettering the world’s economies. World-renowned economists took part in conversation until the time came for reflection and inner talk.

“The only just war is the one we are not fighting.”

This was the title of the first round-table discussion on Thursday, and is also the reason why, according to Jean Fabre, who worked for many years for the United Nation’s Development Programme, we need this generation to fight the war that his was not able to: hunger.

War on hunger

Representing over 120 countries the young people here in Assisi prove that the problem, although with different realities, is relevant all around the globe, no matter the continent, no matter the language.

The Economy of Francesco is bringing out their vibrancy and their determination to better humankind for the generations yet to come.

Nowadays there is a strong focus on conflict, and in particular at the now 7-month long war which has shattered Ukraine, a nation which is also being represented here in Assisi.

The day closed with the young people listening to welcomes from the Archbishop of Assisi, Domenico Sorrentino, followed then by Sr Alessandra Smerilli, sub-secretary of the Dicastery for Promoting Integral Human Development.

But even as the first day closes, the excitement is not over. 

On Friday, participants reconvene to enable the fruits of the previous day's work to develop and flourish, with so-called villages spread across the city of Assisi, each dealing with a specific topic with regards to global economy. The young people will participate and contribute to the villages related to their areas of expertise: from women, to conflict, to poverty, until the arrival of Pope Francis on Saturday, whom, as we know, is keen to hear testimonies of some of these young economists and entrepreneurs who have travelled so far and are working so hard.

22 September 2022, 16:46