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#EOF2022: Giving life to a hub for Far East Asia

Thomas Ching Wei Tu, a young economist from Taiwan, talks about some of the seeds sown in Assisi during the Economy of Francesco 2022 event.

By Francesca Merlo & Linda Bordoni

Meeting with like-minded young economists from the Philippines and Malaysia, who share the same culture and vision, means we can go home and set up a new hub to promote the Economy of Francesco (EoF) in Far East Asia.

This is according to Thomas Ching Wei Tu from Taiwan who made a long journey to be able to participate in the EoF event in Assisi.

The doctoral student in economic studies, with work experience as a researcher in trade issues for Taiwan‘s Central Government‘s Cabinet, told Francesca Merlo that in his country, the need to develop a more sustainable and ecologically aware society is well embedded.

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Improving the current economic system together

“We are thinking and hoping that together with other countries like the US and Japan with whom we are negotiating new initiatives, we can improve the current economic system,” he said.

In Assisi, Thomas says he has taken time to “listen to other stories, slow down, and pray a lot.” He is looking to find inspiration in this event, he added, as well as “bring our experience from Taiwan to the world.”

Far East Asia Hub

Here, he noted, he has also had the occasion to talk to friends from Malaysia and Philippines. “We are close to each other and share a like-minded culture,” he said, calling the event a chance to build a little hub for Far East Asia. As he noted, the EoF began three years ago, so young people in Asia still need to become more familiar with it.

Thomas said that in the run-up to the Assisi gathering on-line meetings were taking place. Now, however, he explained, that “we have had the occasion to meet physically and are planning to set-up more activities together when we go back to the Far East.”

A constructive perspective

The fact that this event priorities the vision and work of young people is very exciting, Thomas reiterated, because it brings people from different countries and different backgrounds together and asks them to give life to a new way of thinking and addressing current issues.

“I think,” he concluded, “ that the EoF is a good hub for all of us to share thinking and create new opportunities to build a better world.”

24 September 2022, 12:06