Archive image of participants at the XXVI World UNIAPAC Congress in November 2018 Archive image of participants at the XXVI World UNIAPAC Congress in November 2018 

Pope to Christian entrepreneurs: Grow in creativity

In a video message to the International Christian Union of Business Executives (UNIAPAC), the Pope says that entrepreneurs are called to make their contribution for development in order to overcome the crisis triggered by the pandemic.

By Amedeo Lomonaco

"Grow in creativity! Do not be afraid! And, if there is fear, think of the creativity that your parents had. This is the kind of creativity you must pursue!" With these words, Pope Francis exhorted members of the International Christian Union of Business Executives (UNIAPAC) to do their part in a post-Covid world.

He was speaking to UNIAPAC President, Bruno Carlos Pinto Basto Bobone, who was received by the Pope in a private audience on 6 November in the Vatican. On that occasion, he addressed the members of the organization through a video message in which he Pope focused on creativity as a crucial aspect of our time: "Today we need it, we have all suffered from the Covid crisis. One does not overcome a crisis alone: either we all come out of it together, or no one will!".


God taught us creativity

"From a crisis,” the Pope continued, “one comes out changed: for the better, or for the worse. In this regard, entrepreneurs have a lot of work to do." In the video message, broadcast on its social channels by UNIAPAC, he urged its members to turn their gaze towards the Lord: "God has taught us creativity,” he said adding that an entrepreneur who does not act with creativity is not a good entrepreneur, because he does not share and nurture this gift.


UNIAPAC was established on the 40th anniversary of the encyclical “Rerum Novarum” as an international meeting place for Christian Business Executives to promote Christian Social Thought within the business world and Society. It aims to unite, guide and inspire business leaders so that, in the light of Christian Social Thought, they commit themselves to pursue an Economy serving mankind, the dignity of the human person and the common good.

13 November 2021, 12:37